CuValley Hack is the first hackathon organized by KGHM as part of the Copper Valley program. Our goal is to gain solutions that will make copper production more efficient. Attendees can expect the analytics of thousands of data.

We invite all open-minded specialists and creative brains, who have the will of action and want to create innovative solutions, that will answer real challenges and could be quickly implemented.

Prediction of seismic shocks, mining engines’ breakdowns and stabilization of fluidized-bed furnace - check what you can figure out with the thousands of data! We hope that 40 hours of coding will bring practical outlines, bright ideas and unconventional projects.

Our attendees’ brains will focus mainly on data analysis and AI or Machine Learning in industrial automation. The pool prize is at 100 000 PLN!


KGHM runs technologically advanced exploration and smelting activities. It focuses on the extraction of ores, production of copper and other non-ferrous metals.

The company is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding as the Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi, or copper mining and smelting combine, which over time has become a global player in the mining industry. KGHM is celebrating its anniversary and boldly looks to a future full of challenges and innovative projects.

The future is made of copper! Copper is durable, rust-resistant, antibacterial, and perfectly conducts heat and electricity. It is a raw material essential in photovoltaics, wind energy, the automotive industry, medicine, and other branches of modern industry.

KGHM is an Explorer - Giant - Visionary. We have been running the mining and processing activities for 60 years now, as one of the global leaders. Passion and vision guide us in building KGHM's significance in the world.


As the attendee of CuValley Hack, you can choose from three different tasks. Your actions will focus mainly on data analysis and AI or Machine Learning in industrial automation.

In practice, ready solutions aim to reduce the SMG engines’ failure frequency, stabilize work of the fluidized-bed furnace and help predict earthquakes.


Prepare data analysis and help us reduce the SMG engines’ failure frequency. You don’t need to be a mainer to support SMG machines and put them in fifth gear!

SMG machines’ everyday work is essential. SMGs are loading and unloading engines that help in copper exploitation. One of the most common failures that happen to SMGs is the gear box’s breakdown. Your goal is to prepare the failure frequency of SMG machines’ drive system data analysis. Don’t worry! We will provide you with a large number of parameters and needful data!


Will you help KGHM with stabilizing the work of the fluidized-bed furnace? The fluidized-bed furnace is a heart of copper smelter that boosts its work. This heart is extremely hot - and this is why the heat removal at the reaction shaft needs to be permanently monitored and stabilized. Have a look at how the heart of a copper smelter looks alike!

Create the empirical formula that will help to stabilize the heat removal at the reaction shaft and make the fluidized-bed furnace’s work more efficient. No worries, you don’t have to be familiar with mining! We will come up with the extensive area of data that is necessary to face this challenge!


How about becoming a seismologist? Support KGHM in predicting disruptions that can appear during the copper exploitation. Your challenge is to prepare the algorithm that predicts the appearance of seismic shifts - we will provide you with all of the necessary data.

Why do these disruptions appear? KGHM exploits copper at underground mine workplaces. As a result of this exploitation, the seismic activity induces. It can lead to high-energy seismic shocks, which can be dangerous and cause many destructions. Could you help us in fighting against them?



Show what can you figure out with thousands of data!

Create an innovative solution that will answer the real challenges and make processes at Copper Valley more efficient.


You can work as a lone wolf or build your team. At the hackathon, you will have a chance to find people who share their practical solutions and unconventional outlines - the same as you do.

Find your teammates on our Discord channel, which starts in the first days of June 2021.


Register for the hackathon as soon as possible - the registration’s deadline passes on 31st of May 2021.

First attendees will grab some cool Gift Packs!


Choose from the agenda of catchy webinars and talks - they will be conducted by Keyone Speakers.

CuValley Hack is also a great dose of knowledge, discussions, sharing the experience and space filled with bright ideas!

5. ACT!

Work on your perfect solution during the hackathon. Prepare for 40 hours of coding - we want the best solutions to be born!

At CuValley Hack, you can expect lots of contests, activities and networking - some energizer will be helpful, for sure!

6. WIN!

Prepare the 5-minutes long pitch and present your idea in the possible best way. Make the Jury astonished!

Teams with the highest scores in each task will perform on the virtual stage and attend Q&A live session! The winners will reach high financial awards!


The pool prize is at 100 000 PLN! Take a glance at the awards in the specified tasks.

SMG data analytics

1st Place

30 000 PLN

2nd Place

15 000 PLN

3rd Place

5 000 PLN

Stabilization on fluidized-bed furnace

1st Place

20 000 PLN

2nd Place

10 000 PLN

Predictions of disruptions

1st Place

15 000 PLN

2nd Place

5 000 PLN